VMware Aria Operations collects metrics for the VMware Aria Operations product user interface objects.

Table 1. Product UI Metrics
Metric Key Metric Name Description
ActiveSessionsCount Active sessions Active sessions
CurrentHeapSize Current heap size Current heap size.
MaxHeapsize Max heap size Maximum heap size.
CommittedMemory Committed memory Amount of committed memory.
CPUUsage CPU usage Percent CPU use.
Threads Threads Number of threads.
SessionCount Number of active sessions Number of active sessions
SelfMonitoringQueueSize Self Monitoring queue size Self Monitoring queue size
Table 2. API Call Metrics for the Product UI
Metric Key Metric Name Description
APICalls|HTTPRequesterRequestCount HTTPRequester request count HTTPRequester request count
APICalls|AvgHTTPRequesterRequestTime HTTPRequester average request time HTTPRequester average request time (ms)
APICalls|FailedAuthenticationCount Failed Authentication Count Failed Authentication Count
APICalls|AvgAlertRequestTime Average alert request time Average alert request time (ms)
APICalls|AlertRequestCount Alert request count Alert request count
APICalls|AvgMetricPickerRequestTime Average metric-picker request time Average metric-picker request time (ms)
APICalls|MetricPickerRequestCount Metric picker request count Metric picker request count
APICalls|HeatmapRequestCount Heatmap request count Heatmap request count
APICalls|AvgHeatmapRequestTime Average HeatMap request time Average HeatMap request time (ms)
APICalls|MashupChartRequestCount Mashup Chart request count Mashup Chart request count
APICalls|AvgMashupChartRequestTime Average Mashup Chart request time Average Mashup Chart request time (ms)
APICalls|TopNRequestCount Top N request count Top N request count
APICalls|AvgTopNRequestTime Average Top N request time Average Top N request time (ms)
APICalls|MetricChartRequestCount Metric Chart request count Metric Chart request count
APICalls|AvgMetricChartRequestTime Average MetricChart request time Average MetricChart request time (ms)