The following metrics are available for each EC2 instance in your VMware Aria Operations environment.


Capacity calculations are enabled by the default policy and these calculations are based on the CPU and Memory utilization metrics.

For a description of each metric, see the Amazon Web Service documentation at

Table 1. EC2 Metrics
Name Category Type Unit Instanced
DiskReadOps Disk Space Metric Count No
DiskWriteOps Disk Space Metric Count No
DiskReadBytes Disk Space Metric Bytes No
DiskWriteBytes Disk Space Metric Bytes No
Disk I/O Disk Space Metric Count No
CPUUtilization CPU Metric Percent No
CPUCreditUsage CPU Metric Count No
CPUCreditBalance CPU Metric Count No
NetworkIn Network Metric Bytes No
NetworkOut Network Metric Bytes No
NetworkPacketsIn Network Metric Count No
NetworkPacketsOut Network Metric Count No
Network I/O Network Metric Count No
StatusCheckFailed Status Metric Count No
StatusCheckFailed_Instance Status Metric Count No
StatusCheckFailed_System Status Metric Count No
Runtime Status Metric Hours No
Memory Available Memory Metric Megabytes No
MemoryUsed Memory Metric Megabytes No
MemoryUtilization Memory Metric Percent No
SwapUsed Memory Metric Megabytes No
SwapUtilization Memory Metric Percent No
pagefileAvailable Memory Metric Megabytes No
pagefileUsed Memory Metric Megabytes No
pagefileUtilization Memory Metric Percent No
DiskSpaceAvailable Filesystem Metric Gigabytes No
DiskSpaceUsed Filesystem Metric Gigabytes No
DiskSpaceUtilization Filesystem Metric Percent No
VolumAvailable Filesystem Metric Gigabytes No
VolumeUsed Filesystem Metric Gigabytes No
VolumeUtilization Filesystem Metric Percent No
sec Perfmon Metric Count No
Processor Queue Length Perfmon Metric Count No