In VMware Aria Operations , you can configure VMware Aria Automation instances to work with VMware Aria Operations instances. Using VMware Aria Operations you can monitor the placement of existing workloads and optimize the resource usage.


  • Verify that the user has privileges of Organizational Owner and Cloud Assembly Administrator set in VMware Aria Automation.
  • You must know the vCenter Server credentials and have the necessary permissions to connect and collect data.
  • Verify that VMware Aria Automation is activated from Data Sources > Integrations in VMware Aria Operations . For more information, see Configuring VMware VMware Aria Automation with VMware Aria Operations.
  • VMware Aria Operations must have the same vCenter Cloud Account configured to match with VMware Aria Automation.
  • Ensure that integration is activated for VMware Aria Operations and VMware Aria Automation.


  1. From the left menu, click Home >Optimize > Workload Placement.
  2. Click the View filter drop-down menu and select the VRA Managed objects.
    All the Cloud Zones related to the vCenter Server are displayed in VMware Aria Operations .
  3. Click the Cloud Zone you want to optimize.
  4. Based on the operational intent, click Optimize Now.
    The system creates an optimization plan, which depicts BEFORE and (projected) AFTER workload statistics for the optimization action.
  5. If you are satisfied with the projected results of the optimization action, click NEXT.
  6. Review the optimization moves, then click BEGIN ACTION.

    In the scope of VMware Aria Automation integration, VMware Aria Operations sends a move migration request directly to VMware Aria Automation. In the earlier versions, the migration request was sent to the vCenter Server.

What to do next

To verify that the optimization action is complete, select Administration from the left menu, and click Recent Tasks . In the Recent Tasks page, use the Status function on the menu bar to locate your action by its status. You can also search using a range of filters. For example, first filter on Starting Time and scroll to the time when you began the action, then select the Object Name filter. Finally, enter the name of one of the VMs in the rebalance plan.