When you create the cluster nodes that make up VMware Aria Operations, the associated setup within your network environment is critical to the inter-node communication and proper operation.

Networking Requirements

Important: VMware Aria Operations analytics cluster nodes need frequent communication with one another. In general, your underlying vSphere architecture might create conditions where some vSphere actions affect that communication. Examples include, but are not limited to, vMotions, storage vMotions, HA events, and DRS events.
  • The primary and replica nodes must use a static IP address, or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) with a static IP address.

    Data and remote collector nodes can use dynamic host control protocol (DHCP).

  • You can successfully reverse-DNS all nodes, including remote collectors, to their FQDN, currently the node hostname.

    Nodes deployed by OVF have their hostnames set to the retrieved FQDN by default.

  • All nodes, including remote collectors, must be bidirectionally routable by IP address or FQDN.
  • Do not separate analytics cluster nodes with network address translation (NAT), load balancer, firewall, or a proxy that inhibits bidirectional communication by IP address or FQDN.
  • Analytics cluster nodes must not have the same hostname.
  • Place analytics cluster nodes within the same data center and connect them to the same local area network (LAN).
  • Place analytics cluster nodes on same Layer 2 network and IP subnet.

    A stretched Layer 2 or routed Layer 3 network is not supported.

  • Do not span the Layer 2 network across sites, which might create network partitions or network performance issues.
  • With Continuous Availability activated, separate analytics cluster nodes into fault domains, stretched across vSphere clusters
  • Packet Round Trip Time between the analytics cluster nodes must be 5 ms or lower.
  • Network bandwidth between the analytics cluster nodes must be one gbps or higher.
  • Do not distribute analytics cluster nodes over a wide area network (WAN).

    To collect data from a WAN, a remote or separate data center, or a different geographic location, use remote collectors.

  • Remote collectors are supported through a routed network but not through NAT.
  • Do not include an underscore in the hostname of any cluster node.
  • Cloud proxies must have a proper DNS resolution to the VMware Aria Operations nodes when using short/long FQDN names. This is applicable to on-prem cloud proxy.