The NSX-T virtual networking solution includes the capability of deploying an Edge gateway as a load-balancer.

It offers high availability and load balancing for TCP and HTTP-based applications.


Use NSX-T version 2.2 or higher if you like to handle SSL Certificates within the load-balancer.


The following are the prerequisites for a functional NSX-T load balancer in front of a VMware Aria Operations cluster:

  • This document assumes that NSX-T is already deployed in the environment and is fully functional

  • The NSX-T deployment is version 2.2 or higher

  • NSX-T Edge has access to the network on which the VMware Aria Operations cluster is deployed

  • NSX-T Tier-1 edge for load balancing is configured

  • A VMware Aria Operations cluster has been deployed in the environment and is fully functional with all nodes in the cluster accepting traffic. The cluster might have high availability activated, but it is not a requirement

  • 1 Virtual Server IP address for VMware Aria Operations analytics