As a network operations engineer, you investigated the alert regarding datastore disk space and determined that the provided recommendations can solve the problem. The recommendation to delete unused snapshots is especially useful. Use VMware Aria Operations to delete the snapshots.

If you have not activated actions in the vCenter adapter, you can manually delete the snapshots on your vCenter Server instance.



  1. From the left menu, click Troubleshoot and then clickAlerts. Select the alert name in the data grid. The alerts detail information appears on the right.
  2. Review the Recommendations.
    Recommendations include the Storage vMotion some virtual machines to a different datastore recommendation and the Delete unused snapshots for virtual machines recommendation. The delete unused snapshot recommendation includes an action button.
  3. Click Delete Unused Snapshots for Datastore.
  4. In the Days Old text box, select or enter the number of days old the snapshot must be to be retrieved for deletions and click OK.
    For example, enter 30 to retrieve all snapshots on the datastore that are 30 days old or older.
  5. In the Delete Unused Snapshots for Datastore dialog box, review the Snapshot Space, Snapshot Create Time, and the VM Name. Determine which snapshots to delete and select the check box for each one to delete.
  6. Click OK.
    The dialog box that appears provides a link to Recent Tasks and a link to the task.
  7. To verify that the task ran successfully, click Recent Tasks.
    The Recent Tasks page appears. The Delete Unused Snapshots action includes two tasks, one to retrieve the snapshots and one to delete the snapshots.
  8. Select the Delete Unused Snapshot task that has the more recent finish time.
    This task deletes the snapshots. The status is Completed.


In this example, you ran an action on the datastore in vCenter Server. The other recommendations might also be valid.

What to do next

  • Verify that the recommendations resolve the alert. Run a few collection cycles after you run the action and verify that the alert is canceled. Alerts are canceled when the conditions that generated them are no longer true.
  • Implement the other recommendations. The other recommendations for this alert require you to use other applications. You cannot implement the recommendations from VMware Aria Operations.