Create application definitions, when you want to discover applications based on the user defined rules such as object names, tags, or properties.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure > Application and Services.
  2. In the Applications and Services page, click Application Discovery: Rule Based tile.
  3. Click Add Application Definition.
  4. In the Create Application Definition page, enter the required values.
    Table 1. Create Application Definition
    Option Description
    Application Name Enter a name for the application.
    Application Prefix Enter a prefix for the application. Prefix can help you identify the discovered applications by name. It will be prepended to the application name.
    Select criteria for grouping discovered applications - This section allows you to define the criteria based on which the objects are grouped into an application.
    Group For Object Type Select an object type to group objects by
    Select Select the criteria to group the objects by. The options available are:
    • Properties
    • Object Name
    • Tag Category
    Add Click add to add another criteria
    Reset Click reset to clear the criteria
    Advanced Settings - This section allows you to specify information for additional filters.
    Select the Object Type that matches all of the following criteria Use the drop-down list to select the object type which matches the defined criteria
    Select Select the object type. The options available are:
    • Metrics
    • Relationships
    • Properties
    • Object Name
    • Tag
    Based on your selection, you must specify the additional attributes.
    Add Click Add to add another criteria
    Reset Click Reset to clear the defined criteria
    Add New Criteria Click Add New Criteria to add another criteria
    Remove Criteria Click Remove Criteria to delete the criteria
  5. Click Create.
    The created application definition is displayed in the Application Discovery: Rule Based page.