Dashboards, report schedules, and credentials created by deleted users or that are unassigned in VMware Aria Operations are stored in the Orphaned and Unassigned Content page. As an administrator, you are the new owner of these dashboards, reports schedules, and credentials. You can transfer the ownership of dashboards and report schedules and assign the credentials to new users or to yourself.

From Where You Can Transfer Ownership of Dashboards, Report Schedules, and Credentials

In the menu, click Administration. From the left pane, select Management > Orphaned and Unassigned.

Orphaned and Unassigned Page

You can view a list of all deleted users or unassigned users from the Deleted Users panel in the left pane of the Orphaned and Unassigned page. Based on your selection in the Deleted Users panel, the dashboards, report schedules, and credentials for the deleted user are displayed under the Dashboard, Report Schedules, Credentials tabs in the Orphaned and Unassigned page.

As an admin user, you can take ownership, assign ownership, or discard orphaned dashboards, report schedules and credentials, from the Actions menu in the Dashboards, Report Schedules, and Credentials tabs. Enter the name or part of the name of a dashboard, report schedule, or credential in the Filter option and click Enter. The relevant dashboard, report schedule, or credential is displayed.

Table 1. Actions Menu Options
Actions Options
Take Ownership You can take ownership of the selected dashboard, report schedule, or credential.
Assign Ownership You can assign a new owner for the selected dashboards or report schedules. You can select a target user from the Transfer Dashboards/Report Schedule/Credential dialog box.
Discard You can permanently delete the dashboard, report schedule, and unassigned credentials that are not in use in any adapter instance. You cannot delete an active credential that is being used by an adapter instance even if it is unassigned. For more information on credentials, see Configuring Credentials in Integrations.