VMware Aria Operations includes a central page where you can manage updates to the product software.

How Software Updates Work

The Software Update option lets you install updates to the VMware Aria Operations product itself.

Where You Find Software Updates

Log in to the VMware Aria Operations administration interface at https://primary-node-name-or-ip-address/admin. On the left, click Software Update.

Software Update Options

The options include a wizard for locating the update PAK file and starting the installation, plus a list of updates and the VMware Aria Operations cluster nodes on which they are installed.

Table 1. Software Update Options
Option Description
Install a Software Update Launch a wizard that allows you to locate, accept the license, and start the installation of a VMware Aria Operations software update.
Node Name Machine name of the node where the update is installed
Node IP Address Internet protocol (IP) address of the node where the update is installed. Primary and replica nodes require static IP addresses. Data nodes may use DHCP or static IP.
Update Step Software update progress in step x of y format

Success, failure, in-progress, or unknown condition of the software update.

For cloud proxy upgrade, every stage of the upgrade process is displayed. Hover the mouse near the status message to see more details in the pop-up window. The Cloud Proxy upgrade stages are as follows:
  • Stage 1 - Downloading
  • Stage 2: Extracting
  • Stage 3: Upgrading
  • Stage 4: Rebooting
  • Stage 5: Success