Your VMware Aria Operations instance includes multiple adapter types. To find the adapter type for the vCenter adapter, you make a GET request to retrieve a list of all adapter types. The API response includes all the object types that the adapter monitors.


Verify that you are logged in to the VMware Aria Operations instance.


  1. Make a GET request for all adapter types.
  2. Examine the response to find the vCenter adapter and list of monitored object types.

Example: Determine the Adapter Type and Object Types for the vCenter Adapter

This example finds the adapter type for the vCenter adapter and all the object types included in the adapter model definition.

Request header:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: CSPToken <csp auth token>
Accept: application/json

Where <csp auth token> is the token that you obtained from the response in Generate Cloud Services Authentication Tokens.

Snippet of the response in JSON for the vCenter Adapter:
200 OK
  "key": "VMWARE",      
  "name": "vCenter Adapter",      
  "description": "Provides the connection information and credentials required...",      
  "adapterKindType": "GENERAL",      
  "describeVersion": 573,      
  "identifiers": [],      
  "resourceKinds": [        
    "VM Entity Status",        
    "VMwareAdapter Instance",        
    "vSphere World"      

For the vCenter adapter, the adapter-kind key is VMWARE. The resourceKinds are the object types that the vCenter adapter monitors. For virtual machine object type, the resourceKinds is VirtualMachine.