For your cloud environment, you can specify the total monthly cost of facilities or edit the facilities cost for real estate, power, and cooling requirements. You can now set the total fixed cost for facilities in VMware Aria Operations. The total facilities cost is divided across all the hosts present in the data center.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure and then click Cost Drivers.
  2. In the Cost Driver tab, click Facilities.
  3. Select the required edit mode for changing the monthly facilities cost.
    • Edit for All Data centers - mode helps you to customize a single cost driver value for all the data centers. Any customizations done for the Specific data center mode are lost.
    • Edit for specific Data Center - mode helps you to customize different cost driver values for different data centers. Any customizations done for All data centers mode are lost.
  4. (Optional) Select the data center from the drop-down menu.
    Note: If you select Edit for specific data center as the edit mode, then the select data center option is activated.
  5. Edit the monthly facilities cost.
    • Modify the cost of rent or real estate per rack unit and modify the monthly cost of power and cooling per kilowatt-hour.
    • Modify the total monthly cost of facilities.
  6. To customize the facilities cost for a specific server, click Edit For Individual Servers.
  7. Click +Add Cost Per Server.
  8. From the Select Server’s for customization drop-down select the required server and click Ok.
  9. Specify the Cost Per Kilowatt and Real Estate Cost Per Rack Unit and click Save.
    View the change in network cost after you have run the cost calculation cycle.