Use the VMC Utilization and Performance dashboard to view the utilization and performance overview of each SDDC based on heavy hitter VMs and impacted VMs over the last 30 days. This dashboard helps you in finding the VMs in your environment that are negatively impacting the capacity or performance from a CPU, memory, storage, or network perspective.

Widgets in VMC Utilization and Performance Dashboard

List of VMC SDDCs: displays the list of all the SDDCs with aggregate CPU, memory, and storage utilization with 95th percentile and maximum values over the last 30 days.

When you select one of the SDDC from the List of VMC SDDCs widget, you can see the list of top VMs that are consuming compute, network & storage resources in that SDDC. The widgets after that show the compute (CPU & memory) utilization and performance analysis, network, storage, and utilization and performance analysis.

Each section in the dashboard is based on the last 30 days data with 95th percentile transformation which is configurable to Max, Average, Current, Standard Deviation, or other mathematical transformations.