Cloud zones help you to group a set of compute resources and assign capability tags to the zone. The cloud zone is based on accounts/regions, so you must have at least one cloud account configured before you can create a cloud zone. Cloud zones define where and how blueprints configure deployments. You can have one or many cloud zones assigned to each project based on priority and limits.

How Cloud Zones Work

After you integrate VMware Aria Automation with VMware Aria Operations, you can retrieve cloud zones into VMware Aria Operations. The Cloud Zones option is hidden from the user until the integration with VMware Aria Automation is activated from the integration page under Administration > Management.

The Cloud Zones option is activated in VMware Aria Operations, only if the following conditions are met.
  • VMware Aria Automation instance is integrated successfully in VMware Aria Operations Administration > Management>Integrations.
  • VMware Aria Automation objects are discovered in VMware Aria Operations.
  • VMware Aria Automation accounts and Aria Operations vCenter Cloud Accounts are synchronized.

All the Cloud Zone objects which are existing in VMware Aria Automation environment, are discovered in VMware Aria Operations. Cloud zones, whose dependent clusters are not discovered in VMware Aria Operations, are not represented in Capacity Overview, Reclaim, and Workload Optimization pages.