To configure or reconfigure credentials that you use to activate an adapter instance, you must provide the collection configuration settings, for example, user name and password, that are valid on the target system. You can also modify the connection settings for an existing credential instance.

Where You Manage Credentials

From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations. In the Accounts tab, click the Credentials link on the upper right side.

Manage Credentials Options

The Manage Credentials dialog box is used to add new or modify existing adapter credentials. The dialog box varies depending on the type of adapter and whether you are adding or editing. The following options describe the basic options. Depending on the , the options other than the basic ones vary.

You can only view, add, modify, or delete credentials that you create or that are assigned to you. You can view unassigned credentials only if you have the required permissions.
Note: When you upgrade to the latest version of VMware Aria Operations, all credentials get unassigned. The administrator must assign the credentials from Orphan and Unassigned page. For more information, see Managing Orphaned and Unassigned Content.
Table 1. Manage Credential Add or Edit Options
Option Description
Adapter Type

Adapter type for which you are configuring the credentials.

Credential Kind

Credentials associated with the adapter. The combination of adapter and credential type affects the additional configuration options.

Credential Name

Descriptive name by which you are managing the credentials.

User Name

User account credentials that are used in the adapter configuration to connect VMware Aria Operations to the target system.


Password for the provided credentials.