Create a new collector group from the available cloud proxies in your VMware Aria Operations environment. A cloud proxy can only be added to only one collector group at a time.

Where You Add New Collector Groups?

From the left menu, click Data Sources > Cloud Proxies, and then click the Collector Groups tab. Click Add.

Table 1. Add New Collector Group
Option Description
Name Name of the collector group.
Description Description of the collector group.
Application Monitoring High Availability Activate this option to use high availability in application monitoring using collector groups.
Virtual IP If you activate high availability for application monitoring, enter the virtual IP address.
Note: Pick the Virtual IP address that any of the cloud proxies in a collector group can own and receive traffic from. The Virtual IP address must be in the same subnet as the physical address of the cloud proxies. After you configure the Virtual IP address, ping it from a different network to ensure that it is routable.
Collectors added to this collector group Displays the collectors that are assigned to this collector group.

To assign collectors, double click a collector, or drag and drop it from the Select Collectors section to add it to the collector group.

Note: You cannot assign a collector that is part of another collector group. To reassign a collector to another collector group, you must remove it from the existing collector group and then reassign it.

To remove a collector from the collector group, click the Remove Collector icon.

Select Collectors

Displays a list of cloud proxies in your VMware Aria Operations environment together with their collector name, IP address, type, collector group, and status.

Collectors that are assigned to this collector group appear with a check mark before the collector name.
Filters You can search the list of collectors according to the following criteria:
  • Collector Name
  • IP address
  • Collector Group Name
  • Status