The compliance page in VMware Aria Operations displays score cards for each type of benchmark. A score card is a compliance visualization term.

What is a Compliance Score Card

Score cards in the Compliance landing page display the number of non-compliant objects, and the total number of objects affected by each hardening guide and the compliance score which is counted as the ratio of compliant objects to total number of objects assessed by the given benchmark, represented in percentage. In addition, you can see the breakdown of the total number of objects that are compliant and non-compliant. You can click a score card to see more details, including alerts that were triggered based on the compliance standards.

The compliance score card of an object is counted as the smallest rounded off integer (100*(total number of symptoms triggered on an object/total number of symptoms)).

The compliance score for the object is based on the most critical of the violated standards. The score card displays 100 when all objects are compliant. When an object is non-compliant, the number of non-compliant symptoms are displayed in red and the total number of symptoms in grey.
Note: The compliance score for a user with limited object visibility is the same as for a user with complete object visibility. This is because the compliance score is calculated for all objects, irrespective of whether the user has access to the object or not.

Where You Find Compliance Score Cards

You can view score cards for each of the different types of benchmarks in the Compliance page available under Optimize > Compliance.

You can view score cards for objects in the Environment > Object Browser > Compliance tab.

Compliance Page

In the Optimize > Compliance summary page, VMware Aria Operations monitors compliance for VMware SDDC benchmarks.

VMware Aria Operations displays compliance score cards in the following sections:

  • VMware SDDC Benchmarks
  • Custom Benchmarks
  • Regulatory Benchmarks
Compliance Tab

In the Environment > Object Browser > Compliance tab, VMware Aria Operations displays score cards for the benchmarks that include the current objects in their calculations, based on the alert definitions and policies associated with that benchmark. The score cards display the total number of rules and the number non-compliant (violated) rules based on symptoms for each hardening guide.

Score Cards in the Compliance Page

In the Optimize > Compliance page, you can view scores for benchmarks that you have activated. Click a score card to view more information.

Table 1. Compliance Page Score Card Options
Item Description
Score card for the configured hardening guides, custom benchmark and management packs Displays the compliance score, total compliant and non-compliant objects for the compliance standards you have configured.
Object Breakdown Displays the number of compliant and non-compliant objects for the following types of objects:
  • vCenter
  • ESXi Host
  • Virtual Machine
  • Distributed Port Group
  • Distributed Virtual Switch
  • vSAN Cache Disk
  • vSAN Capacity Disk
  • vSAN Cluster
  • NSX Manager
  • NSX-V Logical Router
  • NSX-V Manager
  • NSX-V Routing Edge Service
Compliance Alert List

A list of alerts, grouped by time by default. You can either remove the grouping of the alerts, or group by criticality, definition, and object type.

The alerts which caused the compliance violation are displayed in a table. You can sort the table by the following columns:
  • Alert ID
  • Criticality
  • Alert
  • Triggered On
  • Updated On

Click Actions to edit the policies applied to the configuration guide.

Click an alert to view more details. The Environment > Object Browser > Alert tab opens.

Use the advanced quick filter to search for alerts. Click the drop-down arrow for more options to narrow your search.