Microsoft Azure charges you for the metrics you collect. You can reduce costs by selecting only the metrics that are most helpful and filtering out those that are of less interest.

By default, the Microsoft Azure requests data every five minutes. Every collection cycle makes one Azure Monitor call per metric, for an object.

For information about metric costs, see Azure Monitor Pricing.

Based on the costs associated with running the adapter, you can take advantage of some of the features that limit the amount of data you collect from Microsoft Azure.
  • Turn off auto discovery and use manual discovery.
  • Go to Advanced Settings and select only those services that are critical to your system.
  • Subscribe only to specific critical regions.
  • Use acceptlist and blocklist filtering to select object import by name.
  • Use acceptlist or blocklist to selectively import specific service instances using instance names. Using regex, you can filter services by providing the partial name of the instance.