You can view applications created by VMware Aria Operations on specific VMs.

You can view all resources of the Application type, including:
  • VMs connected to their services, how the services talk to each other and are connected to different VMs, using the Service Discovery adapter.
  • Discovered applications using the Application Management Pack.

Where You View the Applications

From the left menu, select Environment > Applications to view the Applications Home page.

You can view the list of applications from Applications Home page. Click an application to view the application in the right pane. Select an application row and then click Go To Details to view the object details. You can use the Filter option to search through the list of applications according to the following criteria :
  • Name
  • Object Type

Options to View the Applications

After you click on an application from the Applications Home page, you can view details of the application or service in the right pane.
Options Description
View Sphere Displays the VMs connected to their services in a spherical view.
View Graph Displays the VMs connected to their services as a graph.
View List Displays the VMs connected to their services in a list view.
View Links You can view the links between various services.