You use Application Management to select the objects for your application. The objects you select are grouped in tiers and help you to track the health of your application.

Where You Find Application Management

From the left menu, click Environment and then, click Applications. On the Applications tab, click Add. After you select an application template, click OK.

Application Management Options

At the top of the screen, enter a new application name or use the default name from the Add Application page. The application name must be unique.

Below the name, the page is divided into the tier row and the objects row. On each row, selections in the pane on the left filter the selections in the pane on the right.

The tier row is where you select the tiers to populate with objects to monitor for the application.

Table 1. Tier Row
Option Description
Tiers pane Select the tier where you want to place your objects. You can add or delete tiers to fit your application.
Tier Objects pane Add or remove objects that serve a common function and to monitor. For example, to monitor all the virtual machines that are database servers for the application, put them in the database tier.

The object row is where you select objects to add to the tiers.

Table 2. Object Row
Option Description
Object Tags pane Expand a tag to see a group of objects with that tag value. For example, if Adapter Types is an object tag, the tag values include vCenter Adapter, and an object is an adapter instance. Objects are not displayed. The tag filters the object pane. To select a tag value, click once. To deselect a tag value, click twice. Tag values remain selected until they are deselected.
Objects pane Drag an object with the object tag value to add to the Tier Objects pane. To find an object, search by name. Each object listed includes identifier information to help distinguish between objects of similar names. Add All Objects To Parent adds all the objects to a tier.