You can add and assign new pricing card to vCenter and Clusters in VMware Aria Operations. The pricing card can be cost-based or rate-based, you can customize the cost-based pricing card and rate-based pricing card as per your requirement. After configuring the pricing card, you can assign it to one more vCenter or Clusters based on your pricing strategy.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure and then click Cost Drivers > Pricing.
  2. Click New Pricing Card and configure the details of the pricing card.
    Table 1. Pricing Card Configuration
    Parameter Description
    Name and Description
    1. Enter a name and description for your pricing card.
    2. Optional: Select Default for Unassigned Workloads.
    3. Click Next.
    Default pricing card applies to all vCenter resources which do not have a direct cost policy assigned to them.
    Basic Charges Select the type of pricing card. Follow the steps for cost-based pricing card.
    1. Enter the Cost Factor for the following.
      1. CPU Cost
      2. Memory Cost
      3. Storage Cost
      4. Additional Cost
    2. Select the charging period as per your requirement, the options are Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
    3. Select how to charge for the resources, the options are Always or Only When Powered On.
    4. Click Next.
      Note: Cost - The cost is defined in . If selected, a multiplication factor is required. For example, if you select 1.1 as a factor, the cost is multiplied by 1.1 resulting in a 10% increase to the calculated cost. The price equation using cost is: <cost> x <multiplication factor> = Price
    Follow the steps for rate-based pricing card.
    1. Enter the CPU Rate in MHz per vCPU.
    2. Enter the Memory Rate per GB.
    3. Enter Storage Rate per GB.
    4. Select the ChargingPeriod for all the values.
    5. Select the Charge On Power State for all the values.
    Guest OSes
    1. Enter the Guest OS Name.
    2. Enter the base rate.
    3. Select the charging period as per your requirement, the options are Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

    Enter the Tag name and Tag Value. Define the charging method and base rate.

    • Recurring - enter a base rate and define recurring interval as the charge period. The absolute rate value is required and it is added to the overall price.
    • One time - define the one-time base rate charge. The absolute value is required and it is added as a one time price.
    • Rate Factor - A multiplication factor is required that is applied to the select charge category.

    Select how to charge the Tag based on powered on state.

    Overall Charges You can define overall charges to VMs that match this policy.
    1. Enter the VM setup charges.
    2. Enter the Recurring charge and select the time period from the drop-down menu.
    Assignments You can assign the new pricing card to vCenters and Clusters.
    1. Select the vCenter or Cluster to which you want to apply the pricing card.
    2. Click Add and Click Finish.


The new pricing card details are displayed in the Pricing tab.