To ensure security of the objects in your VMware Aria Operations instance, as a system administrator you can manage some aspects of user access control. You can assign each user to be a member of one or more user groups, and assign roles to each user or user group to set their privileges.

Users must have privileges to access specific features in the VMware Aria Operations user interface. Access control is defined by assigning privileges to both users and objects. You can assign one or more roles to users, and activate them to perform a range of different actions on the same types of objects. For example, you can assign a user with the privileges to delete a virtual machine, and assign the same user with read-only privileges for another virtual machine.

User Access Control

In order to use your corporate credentials to log on to VMware Cloud Service including VMware Aria Operations, you can federate Identity and Access Management to your corporate domain(s). For more information, see Setting Up Enterprise Federation with VMware Cloud Services in the VMware Cloud services Product Documentation.