A large enterprise can have thousands of objects. When objects are assigned to a tag, and you choose to display objects with that tag value, the objects are easier to find on the Inventory list.

Where You Find Manage Object Tags

From the left menu, click Environment and then, click Inventory.

Click the Manage Tags icon above the list of tags in the middle pane.

Manage Object Tags Options

The Manage Object Tags screen appears with previously created tags listed. In the left pane, you add tags. In the right pane, you add tag values.

  • Click Add a New Tag and type a new tag name, or select a tag to delete.
  • For the selected tag, click Add a New Tag Value and type a new tag value name, or select a tag value to delete.
  • For the GEO Location tag, tag values are identified with a location on a world map. Select the tag value and click Manage Location to display the Manage Location map and pick a geographical location. Objects assigned to that tag value appear in that geographical location on the Inventory : Geographical Map of Objects.