You can view, add, edit, or delete the cost of Hyper converged Infrastructure (HCI) component in your server group. You can specify the cost per server and compute percentage exclusively for the HCI servers. After you update the server hardware cost, cost drivers update the total monthly cost and average monthly cost for each server group.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure and then click Cost Drivers.
  2. In the Cost Drivers tab, click Server Hardware : Hyper-Converged.
  3. Select the required edit mode for changing the server hardware cost.
    • Edit for All Data centers - mode helps you to customize a single cost driver value for all the data centers. Any customizations done for the Specific data center mode are lost.
    • Edit for specific Data Center - mode helps you to customize different cost driver values for different data centers. Any customizations done for All data centers mode are lost.
      Note: When you select Edit for specific data center as the edit mode, then the select data center option is activated. Select the data center from the drop-down menu
  4. Click any server from the list of Server Group Description.
    The cost drivers groups all server hardware from all data centers in your inventory based on their hardware configuration.
    Note: If the vCenter does not set the server vendor model, then that server is listed under the group Others in VMware Aria Operations for Server Hardware : Traditional cost driver and Server Hardware : Hyperconverged cost driver.
    Category Description
    Server Group Description Displays the name of servers falling under vSAN clusters and vXrail servers in your inventory.
    Number of Servers Displays the total number of servers of any particular hardware configuration in your inventory.
    Monthly Cost Displays the average monthly cost for server. This value is calculated as a weighted average of prices of purchased and leased batches.
    Note: You can edit the Compute Pct column to adjust the storage rate of the vSAN datastores. You can use the same percentage to determine the cost.
  5. After selecting a server group, you can manually enter the required fields.
    1. Enter Purchase Type, Cost Per Server, and Compute Percentage.
      Note: You can use the + ADD COST PER SERVER option to create multiple server batches and to customize the cost per server.
    2. Click Save.