Contact your organization owners to add user accounts so that users can access the features of VMware Aria Operations and certain objects in the environment. After the organization owners add user accounts, you can assign them to one or more user groups, and assign roles and scopes. Assign the administrators role only to specific users who must access objects and perform actions in the entire environment.

Where You Add or Edit User Accounts

  1. To modify a user account, from the left menu, click Administration, and then click the Access Control tile.
  2. To edit a user account, click the vertical ellipsis and select Edit. You can also click the EDIT ACCOUNT button in the User Details page and edit the user account.

    The Edit User Information page is displayed.

    • By default, the user is added to the "Everyone" group. You can add or remove users to or from the user group when you create or edit the user group, . You can assign the permissions to the users by selecting the required role-scope pairs.
    • When you add users to a user group, the user inherits the permissions (role-scope pairs) from that group. You also have the option of not assigning permissions to the user, in that case the user actions are restricted, and the user cannot login to VMware Aria Operations.
    • You cannot change the user name once you create it. So, select your username appropriately.
    • You have read only access for the Super Administrator account. You can change the password for the Super Administrator account from the user interface only.

    Assign Roles and Scope

    The Assign Roles and Scope option lets you select a role for each user and then assign a scope for that role.

  3. From the Select Role drop-down menu, select a role for the user.
  4. From the Select Scope drop-down menu, assign a scope for the selected user.
    Note: You can click the + sign to add multiple roles and then assign the required scope for each role.

    Assign User Groups

    The Assign User Group option lets you select user groups that the user will be a member of.

  5. Select the user groups for which you want the user to be member of.
  6. Click Save.
    Note: You cannot manually add users to groups imported from LDAP and SSO.