You use the Manage Super Metric workspace to create or edit a super metric. The toolbar helps you to build the mathematical formula with the objects and metrics you select.

Where You Configure Super Metrics

From the left menu, click Configure and then click Super Metrics.

Table 1. Super Metrics Workspace Options
Option Description
Super Metric
  • Name. The name you give to the super metric.
  • Description. The textual description you give about the super metric.
Object Types Pane Use this page to associate the super metric with an object type. You can use this list to select the object type with the metrics to measure. The object type selection affects the list of objects, metrics, and attribute types displayed.
Formula Define the formula you want to associate with the super metric. You can preview and validate the formula before you create it. Use drop-down menu to select the metrics to add to the formula.
  • Functions. Mathematical functions that operate on a single object or group of objects. See Super Metric Functions and Operators.
  • Operators. Mathematical symbols to enclose or insert between functions. See Enhancing Your Super Metrics.
  • This Object. Assigns the super metric to the object selected in the Object pane and displays this in the formula instead of a long description for the object.
  • Unformatted. Slide the toggle button to the right to view the unformatted version of the formula, slide the button to the left to view the formula in textual format.
  • Preview. Shows the super metric in a graph. Look at the graph so that you can verify that VMware Aria Operations is calculating the super metric for the target objects that you selected.
Policies Displays the policies related to the object types you assigned your super metric to.