The three vSphere Inventory dashboards and workload management inventory dashboards cater to the compute, network, and storage aspects of your SDDC. Using these dashboards, you can navigate through the environment and view your inventory and their key metrics at a glance. The Network and Storage dashboards can be shared with the network and storage teams respectively, giving them the necessary visibility, and increasing the collaboration between teams.

vSphere inventory dashboards

The vSphere inventory dashboards are built specifically for each role, but they share a common design. They have a similar layout and are used in the same manner. This makes learning easier, especially in smaller environments where the same team manages the full environment.

These dashboards help you answer several key questions:
  • What is the topology of your vSphere compute inventory?
  • What is the topology of your vSphere storage inventory?
  • What is the topology of your vSphere network inventory?

Workload Management Inventory Dashboard

This is a unified dashboard for the new workload management objects. It shows the relationships and KPIs for the workload management objects. For example, you can see the topology view from the Tanzu Kubernetes clusters to the physical infrastructure.