Image views allow you to insert a static image. By default the image view is available only for report template creation and modification. You can change this in the Visibility option of the Name and Configuration tab.

Where You Find the Image View

From the left menu, click Visualize > Views. From the Views panel, click Create. Click Image from the right panel.

Name and Configuration Tab

Option Description
Name Name of the view as it appears on the Views page.
Description Description of the view.
Make the view available for > Dashboards through the View widget Select if you want to make the view available in a dashboard.
Make the view available for > Report template creation and modification Select if you want to make the view available in a report template. This is the default option.
Make the view available for > Details tab in the environment Select if you want to make the view available in the Detail tab of a specific object.
Hide the view for the selected object types

Select an object type for which you do not want to see this view.

For example, you have a list view with the subject <virtual machines>. It is visible when you select any of its parent objects. You add a data center from the list. The view is not visible anymore on the data center level.

Data Tab

How to Add Data to a View

From the Data tab, browse and select an image from the left panel to add it to the view.

You can see a live preview of the view type when you select an image and then click Select preview source.

Previous, Next, Create, and Cancel Options

At the end of each tab, you can go to the previous or next tab. You can also cancel the creation of the view. After you have added all the details, click Create to create the view.