Before you start working in VMware Aria Operations, identify the public and private cloud accounts that you want to manage using VMware Aria Operations.

Table 1. Before You Onboard with VMware Aria Operations
To... You need...
Sign up for or log in to VMware Aria Operations. A VMware ID
Connect to VMware Cloud services.

HTTPS port 443 opens to outgoing traffic with access through the firewall to:

  • *
You must replace the region-code with the appropriate region code for your environment. For information on the region codes and firewall requirements in VMware Aria Operations see KB article 93210.
Note: These network settings are used by cloud proxy to connect to VMware Aria Operations. Make sure your cloud proxy can communicate with these URLs over HTTPS. For more information, see Configuring Cloud Proxies in VMware Aria Operations.
Add a vCenter cloud account. Provide an account with the following read and write privileges:
  • vCenter IP address or FQDN
  • Permissions required to install a cloud proxy on the vCenter Server.

For more information on privileges, see, Privileges Required for Configuring a vCenter Adapter Instance.