The actions available in VMware Aria Operations allow you to modify the state or configuration of selected objects in vCenter Server from VMware Aria Operations. For example, you might need to modify the configuration of an object to address a problematic resource issue or to redistribute resources to optimize your virtual infrastructure.

The most common use of the actions is to solve problems. You can run them as part of your troubleshooting procedures or add them as a resolution recommendation for alerts.

When you grant a user access to actions in VMware Aria Operations, that user can take the granted action on any object that VMware Aria Operations manages.

When you are troubleshooting problems, you can run the actions from the center pane Actions menu. Alternatively, you can run them from the toolbar on list views that contain the supported objects.

When an alert is triggered, and you determine that the suggested action is the most likely way to resolve the problem, you can run the action on one or more objects.