To troubleshoot particular processes, you can upload a script or run a command to receive specific information. You can view the standard output or standard error as applicable.

Where You Run the Action

For supported objects and object levels, in the main menu, select the Environment tab and then select the relevant VM from the Inventory tree. This action is available from the Actions menu just below the top menu in VMware Aria Operations.


  • VMware Tools must be installed and running on the VM. For details see KB 75122
  • Service discovery is activated with the successful discovery of VMs.
  • The VM must be powered on and connected.

Action Options

Enter the VM credentials to authenticate even when the VM guest OS authentication status is "Success". You can run a script by entering it directly or by uploading a script file by optionally providing arguments.

Option Description
Upload File Use this option to browse and upload the script that you want to run.
File Browse and upload the script file.
Args List the arguments in the script.
Command Select the option and enter a command in the text box.
Timeout Script execution timeout on VMs. Script execution continues even if the dialog box is closed. You can verify the status from Administration > History > Recent Tasks.
Execute Runs the script or command.
stdout Displays the standard output.
stderr Displays errors, if any.