As a network operations engineer, you must locate the customer's virtual machine in VMware Aria Operations so that you can begin troubleshooting the reported problem.

You use VMware Aria Operations to monitor three vCenter Server instances with a total of 360 hosts and 18,000 virtual machines. The easiest way to locate a particular virtual machine is to search for it.


  1. In the Search text box on the VMware Aria Operations title bar, enter the name of the virtual machine.
    The Search text box displays all the objects that contain the string you enter in the text box. If your customer knows that the virtual machine name contains SALES, enter the string and the virtual machine is included in the list.
  2. Select the object in the list.


The main pane displays the object name and the Summary tab. The left pane displays and the related objects, including the host system and vCenter Server instance.

What to do next

Look for alerts related to the reported problem for the object. See Review Alerts Related to Reported Problems.