The Troubleshooting Workbench home page is where you find active troubleshooting sessions and recent searches. The active troubleshooting sessions do not persist after you log out from VMware Aria Operations.

Where You Find the Troubleshooting Workbench Home Page

  • Navigate to the Troubleshooting Workbench home page from the left menu by clicking Troubleshoot > Workbench.
  • From the Launchpad, click the Observability card under Pillars of Operations section. Click View in the Observability Workbench card.
The Troubleshooting Workbench home page displays a search bar, a list of active troubleshooting sessions, and recent searches. You can open a session to find potential evidences for your problems.

How Troubleshooting Workbench Home Page Works

All troubleshooting workbench sessions that are active in the current login are displayed in the Active Troubleshooting section of the Troubleshooting Workbench home page. Changes that you make to the scope, time, or potential evidences in the troubleshooting workbench page are not be saved on logging out. The next time you log in to VMware Aria Operations, the sessions that were earlier under Active Troubleshooting are displayed under Recent Searches.