You can add source control server endpoint, vCenter publisher, pipeline extensibility and developer restrictions in content settings.

Source control access

To add a source control endpoint, provide a server for that source control from GitLab. For more information, see Add a source control server endpoint in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

Note: You can add multiple server names for a source control server endpoint and only GitLab source control is supported for this version.

vSphere template repository

You can use VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle to capture content from vCenter. The vSphere template repository is a content library within a designated vCenter instance. It stores all the templates that are captured and that can be managed by VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

A best practice is to have this vCenter instance close to where the templates would typically be captured, that is a development vCenter for template authoring. You can specify a vCenter instance to add as your endpoint. For more information, see Add a vCenter content endpoint in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle. The configuration model for the content library is as follows:
  1. Create the Content Library (Publisher): The vSphere template repository points to a content library that is configured for publishing. For information about configuring a publisher content library, see vCenter Documentation.
  2. Create the Content Library Subscribers: Each vCenter server that supports templates must support a content library that subscribes to the published library that you created in the above Step 1. The following settings are required:
Setting Description
Automatic Synchronization Configure this setting for automatic synchronization of the template metadata.
Subscription URL This URL contains details about the publishers lib.json file. It is available when you create the publisher in Step 1.
Authentication Off Do not use this setting. You should require authentication.
Library content
  • Download all library content immediately - If you don't select this option then vCenter downloads all virtual machine templates.
  • Download library content only when needed - Only the metadata is downloaded (not the disks). VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle instructs on demand and as requested to download the associated disks.

Timeout settings

You can specify time out settings for operations for various resources and endpoints. If an operation takes longer than the specified time to complete, an error message appears. The message provides details about the failed operation.

  1. Select Content Management from the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle My Services page and then click the Content Settings gear icon in the left pane navigation.
  2. Click Timeout Settings.
  3. Specify a timeout value for each of the following timeout setting categories:
    Timeout type Description
    Test timeout Time required to complete a specified VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle test operation(s).
    Deploy timeout Time required to complete a specified VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle deployment operation(s).
    Content timeout Time requirement as it pertains to the parent pipeline request, which can be a combination of capture, test, deploy, and check-in operations performed by VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
    Capture timeout Time requirement to fully capture specified content from the identified source(s) into VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
    Request timeout Time required to complete a specified VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle request operation(s).