Using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, you can select a product binary to use each VMware Aria Suite product.

You can download binaries outside of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle and make them available on the NFS path.


To use a product binary downloaded from VMware Customer Connect, verify that you have registered with VMware Customer Connect and registered VMware Customer Connect services with VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle. See Register with My VMware.


  1. From the My Services, navigate to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Lifecycle Operations.
  2. Click Settings and navigate to Binary Mapping > Product Binaries.
  3. Click Add Binaries.
  4. Select the location type.
    • Local - You can map the binaries to the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle locally downloaded copy.
    • NFS - You can map to a downloaded product binary with products dependent on the product binary location.
    • VMware Customer Connect Downloads - You can map to product binary downloaded from VMware Customer Connect.
    Note: The automatic product OVA mappings are mapped based on the check sum of the binary files. When you select all the OVA files in the NFS share and try to map the product binaries, then it takes long time to map and the data disk might fill faster. NFS represents the local where the OVA files are copied in the NFS shared drive, user should provide the NFS location in the format, NFS-IP: <nfs hostname/ip>:<folder path>/x/y/z. For example,
  5. Enter the location of the Product Binary to use in the Base Location text box, and click Discover.
  6. Select the Product Binary file from the Product Binary list.
    Note: By default, all the VMware Customer Connect downloads from VMware Aria Suite are automatically mapped with no user intervention. If you have already downloaded the product binaries using VMware Aria Suite VMware Customer Connect integration but the mapping does not exist in the list under Product Binary then you can select VMware Customer Connect downloads option under the Add Product Binaries window. To manually copy the OVA files from the VMware Aria Suite virtual appliance, you can select Local option from the Add Product Binaries window and provide the location that is residing within VMware Aria Suite appliance itself. For either of the scenarios, when you click Discover, the relevant binaries is listed in the table within the window.
  7. Click Add.
  8. You can also view the list of Patches available for the products.
    1. Click Check Patches Online.
    2. To upload patches, click UPLOAD.
    Note: You can now delete the unsupported product binaries which are not in use. To delete the binaries, click Delete Unsupported Binaries, select the binaries, and then click Delete All.