The VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Locker allows you to manage licenses for the various suite products.


Verify that a license is already available.


  1. From the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle My Services dashboard, click Locker.
  2. Click Licenses.

    Existing licenses are listed, along with the their health status, expirary value, account, type, and description.

  3. To add a license, click Add License Manually.
  4. Enter the alias in the License Alias text box.
  5. Enter the License Key and click Validate.
  6. After you validate the accuracy of the license, click Add.
  7. To display license details, click on the License Alias name or click the vertical ellipses in the specific license row and then click Details from the drop-down menu.
  8. To update an existing license, click the vertical ellipses in the specific license row and then click Update License from the drop-down menu.
    1. Review the current license summary page and click Next.
    2. Select an environment from the references table and click Next.
    3. Select a license from the drop-down menu and click Finish.
  9. To delete a license, click the vertical ellipses in the specific license row, and click Delete from the drop-down menu.
    1. If VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle has one or more My VMware accounts configured, then the corresponding license keys are automatically synced. To sync licenses from My VMware account, click Retrieve Licenses. However, if you have manually added the same license key to the locker then the corresponding entry from My VMware account cannot be captured.
    2. When any product is imported into VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, the license keys present in the product are also captured and stored in the Locker under Licenses. If the same license key is already present, then it cannot be imported.
    3. If any product is associated to a license in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle then the license entry cannot be deleted from the Locker.
    4. VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle does not restrict applying multiple licenses to any product, however, the product behavior does allow to set only one license key as active at anytime.
    5. Deleting a license from VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Locker does not remove the license key from the product itself.
  10. License keys can be applied to products managed by VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle from Home > Environments under Lifecycle Operations. Select a product from any managed environment, click the horizontal ellipses on the product name, select Add License, and follow the steps.