You can import an instance of VMware Aria Operations into VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.


Verify that you have the required IP credentials.


  1. After creating an environment on the Create Environment page, open the product card and select the VMware Aria Operations check box.
  2. Select Import and then click Next.
  3. Enter the VMware Aria Operations Master Node IP Address, Root, and Admin Password.

    The admin password should be for a local user only, not a user with administrator permissions.

    If you are importing an existing VMware Aria Operations installation, enable SSH for all the VMware Aria Operations nodes and set root passwords in all nodes.

  4. Select a vCenter instance.
  5. Click Next and review the summary information.
  6. Click Submit to import.
    If each node has different passwords, the import request fails. You can provide the correct password in the retry operation for each failed request.