You can view and click the related patch from the notification service. You are then directed to the environment page where you can view a detailed set of information pertaining to all the patches.


  1. Click Lifecycle Operations, navigate to Settings > Binary Mappings.
  2. Click Patch Binaries.
  3. To map a patch offline, download the patch from the My VMware portal and place it in the data folder in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle appliance, and then map the offline patch using the local folder option in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle UI.
  4. To check if there are patches available on the internet, click CHECK PATCHES ONLINE.
  5. Trigger the patch install from the product card in the environment page.
  6. Select the patch from the list of downloaded patches.
    The patches must be downloaded from the Product Binaries page. Only the downloaded patches are listed here.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review and Install the available patch and click Finish.
    The patch install request progress can be tracked under Requests.
  9. To view the history of patches, click Patches > History.
  10. To view patch history from the Environment page, click Patch History.