Here is the release date and build number for the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14 release. Check for additions and updates to these release notes.


Release Date

Build Number

VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14

October 19, 2023


Rebranding of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

VMware is excited to announce that vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, VMware's powerful platform for lifecycle management, has been rebranded to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle. This rebranding reflects our commitment to a comprehensive solution for deploying, configuring, managing, and upgrading the VMware Aria Suite of products.

With VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, you can continue to rely on the same robust capabilities that vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager provided. Additionally, you can expect even more advanced features and functionality as we continue to invest in the platform.

The rebranding does not impact your existing deployment of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. You will continue to receive the same level of support and service that you have come to expect from VMware.

Note: All existing vRealize Products managed by vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager will be referred using VMware Aria branding after an upgrade to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

Upgrading VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.x to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14.0

You cannot directly upgrade a VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.x environment to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14.0. To upgrade to version 8.14.0, first migrate your 2.x environment to VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.8.x to 8.10 and then upgrade to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14.0.

What's New

Here are the key features and capabilities of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14:

  • Script Execution through VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle for all managed products.

  • Automatic recovery mechanism for clustered VMware Identity Manager in events such as:

    • Temporary network glitches.

    • Loss of cluster virtual IP during network outages / reboots etc.

  • Support for Cloud Extensibility Proxy upgrades.

  • SMTP and Upgrade Planner support with proxy configured.

  • Github Cloud source control endpoint support for Content Management.

  • Cloud Template & Custom Form versioning support during capture and releases in Content Management.

  • VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle can be deployed using Aria Suite Easy Installer on supported hyperscaler environments. VASL 8.14.0 will support VMC and AVS natively.

  • Reverse Lookup pre-checks added to VMware Aria Automation upgrades.

  • PostgreSQL performance enhancement to address high CPU usage.

  • CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) is now available as Day-2 action on managed products.

Known Issues

  • Online upgrade check throws an exception stating "No Upgrade Available"

    This issue is seen when you try to upgrade from version 8.12 to 8.14 on proxy enabled VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle appliances.

    Workaround: Use the CD-ROM based upgrade option.

  • Upgrade fails with the message "The /dev/sda4 partition has insufficient free disk space"

    During the upgrade process, a precheck runs to verify available disk space on /partition. In environments where the disk space is less than 3 GB, the upgrade might fail with an insufficient free disk space error in the Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager UI.

    Workaround: To proceed with the upgrade, you must clear the disk space on /partition. See

  • Build versions are not updated following upgrade

    After upgrading VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12 to 8.14, the version and build number are not updated under Lifecycle Operations > Settings > System Details and post-update scripts do not execute completely.

    Workaround: You can take steps to address this issue before or after upgrading.

    • Before upgrading, check the for the file /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable.

      • If you find the file, proceed with the upgrade.

      • If you do not find the file:

        1. Create the file: touch /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable.

        2. Change permissions: chmod 644 /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable.

        3. Proceed with the upgrade to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14.

    • If you encounter the issue after upgrading, follow the steps in

  • VMware Aria Operations for Networks installation fails

    VMware Aria Operations for Networks installation fails during the "DeployOvf" task when being deployed on vCenter Server 8.0 U2.vCenter Serevr would display an error stating "A general system error occurred: PBM error occurred during PreCreateCheckCallback: Invalid state"

    Workaround: Map the privilege "Storage Views --> View"  and "VM storage policies" --> "View VM storage policies” to the service account being used to deploy

  • Customization Spec check-in to source control using Content Management is not supported

    After customization spec is captured from vSphere endpoint, checking it into source control is not supported.

    No Workaround.

  • Bulk Script Execution from Global level is not supported for tenanted products

    Script execution for such products can be performed as Day-2 action. VMware Aria Orchestrator and VMware Aria Automation Config falls under this category.

  • Capture & Deploy actions against VMware Aria Operations 8.14 when FIPS mode is enabled would fail

    No Workaround

  • Issue with releasing custom forms without cloud templates

    If a custom form is released without a cloud template in the target VMware Aria Automation environment, even if the release is successful on VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, the custom form is not visible at the target VMware Aria Automation environment.

    Workaround: To release a custom form, ensure that the associated composite cloud template is released or created first on the target VMware Aria Automation.

  • Managing renamed VMware Aria Automation content types

    Renamed content types must be recaptured from the VMware Aria Automation endpoints, and then checked in to the source control endpoints. If the content is present in the source control, then you must manually rename the folder in the source control endpoints, then check-out the content from the source control endpoints.

    No workaround.

  • VMware Identity Manager Install binary download fails

    The download of the VMware Identity Manager Install binary is failing because of a recent checksum change in the Windows connector included with the binary. Attempting to download it from Suite Lifecycle's product binary page will lead to a checksum exception

    Workaround: To address this issue, manually download the VMware Identity Manager install binary from Customer Connect and then associate it with Suite Lifecycle.

  • VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle cannot be upgraded using the VMware Remote console in Windows VM

    During a VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle upgrade, the ISO filename is truncated after it is mounted in Windows VM.

    Workaround: To work around the problem, perform the following steps:

    1. Upload the ISO filename in a content library of the vCenter or upload it to a datastore that the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle VM can access.

    2. After uploading the ISO file, attach the ISO to the CD-ROM device of the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle VM by editing the hardware configuration from the vCenter inventory of the VM.

    3. From the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle UI, select the CD-ROM based upgrade option, and then click Proceed.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Blank APUAT assessment report issue is fixed.

  • Precheck for disk space for VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle appliance is added.

  • VMware Aria Operations with Cloud Proxy deployment is fixed.

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