To add a VMware Aria Operations content endpoint to capture, test, deploy, or check in a content package, use the Content Management service in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.


  • Verify that the SSH user account is configured.
  • Verify that all VMware Aria Operations instances contain the same installed management packs. Also verify that the required adapter instances are properly configured.
  • Do not use dashboards that refer to vCenter VM, host or datastore objects on the release endpoint until you update the reference to a specific object.


  1. On the My Services dashboard, click Content Management.
  2. Under Endpoints, click NEW ENDPOINT.
  3. Click VMware Aria Operations.
  4. Enter the information for the VMware Aria Operations content endpoint.
    1. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the endpoint.
    2. Enter a tag name.
    3. Enter the Server FQDN/IP address.
    4. Enter the Username and Password values.
    5. Enter the SSH Username and SSH Password values.
    6. Click Test Connection. When the connection is established, click Next.
      For more information about creating an SSH user on the VMware Aria Operations instance, see Create an SSH user in VMware Aria Operations.
  5. Under Policy Settings, select options to capture, test, or mark as production.
    For more information about policies, see Working with content endpoints in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
  6. Verify that the content endpoint details are correct and then click Submit.