You can use VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle content management options to release content for multiple product types. r

Use these options to deploy releases of products such as vSphere, VMware Aria Operations, and VMware Aria Automation in a single request.

Note that failure to deploy one or more of the selected content types, does not roll back successfully deployed content that is part of the request.


  1. On the My Services dashboard, click Content Management.
  2. Under Content, select Content Item List.
  3. Expand the Filter Applied list.
  4. Under the Content Filter section, user filters to specify to a subset of the content you want to view and deploy.
    Filter type Description
    Content filters
    • Production Ready
    • Development Content
    • Tested
    • Source Controlled
    • Dependencies Captured
    Content types Displays content categories based on content type.
    Content endpoints Displays associated content endpoints.
  5. After you select a content filter, you can add a tag and then click Apply.
  6. To save your filters, click Save.
    Developers can only view their filters and release managers can view all other RM filters. The saved filters can be edited or deleted.
    After you set the content filters, the default content view changes to Content Version List. When you provide a filter, you can locate a specific version of the content, for example, Production Ready Content with a specific tag and of a specific set of content types. For example, display only VMware Aria Automation cloud templates.
  7. To deploy the content to a release endpoint, respond to the wizard prompts.
  8. Click Actions and select Checkin.
    Note: You can check in multiple content after filtering and selecting contents. When you perform a multi-capture test and release, verify that the capture is successful because if one of the content capture fails, the entire content pipeline is marked as failed. Based on multi-capture pipeline failure, you cannot move to the next step of testing and releasing a pipeline.
  9. To check in multiple content, use the following procedure:
    1. Select an Endpoint repository.
    2. if you want to capture all the dependencies, select Include all Dependencies and merge the package, if required.
    3. Click Check-in.
  10. Select an appropriate endpoint to each type of content appears.
    VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator endpoints are assumed by their parent automation instance. If there are standalone VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator endpoints configured, you can also deploy them.