You can test content to ensure it is ready for release.


Verify that the content package has been added to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.


  1. On the My Services dashboard, click Content Management.
  2. Under Content, click the name of the content package to capture.
  3. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of the version to test and select Test.
  4. Select one or more content endpoints to specify the environments to run tests on.
  5. Select Deploy Content to deploy the content in the endpoint before running tests.
  6. Select Stop test deployment on first failure to stop the test deployment as soon as it encounters an error.
  7. Select Run unit tests to run available unit tests on the content.
  8. Select Stop unit tests on first failure to stop testing if any unit test fails.
  9. Select Include all dependencies to include all dependencies associated with the content package in the tests.
  10. Select Release Latest Dependencies to release the latest versions of the dependencies associated with the content package.
  11. Select a server to run unit tests on from the Select a Unit Test Server drop-down menu, and click PROCEED.