Several common content issues may arise when using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

  • When transferring a customization spec between vCenter servers, the password fields cannot be decrypted by the target. This causes deployments that depend on custom specs with passwords to fail. You can manually enter the correct value in the Administrator password field after customization spec is deployed by theVMware Aria Suite Lifecycle pipeline.
  • When a symptom definition is configured with REGEX or NOT_REGEX, the import fails when using the VMware Aria Operations APIs with the following error. Error releasing Operations-Symptom message= "Invalid request... #1 violations found.","validationFailures":[{"failureMessage":"Message Event Condition field 'operator' must be either EQ or CONTAINS. If a symptom uses REGEX, the content must be imported manually by using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
  • A VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle pipeline execution with a large number of captures or check-ins may fail if the number of executions is higher than those supported by the endpoint type.
  • When performing a multi-package capture, the entire capture fails with 409 conflict errors if there is a package with existing content.