For VMware Aria Automation, the disaster recovery can be divided in two parts, disaster recovery for VMware Aria Automation components and related services, and disaster recovery for VMware Aria Automation-managed workloads (VMs).

Before performing disaster recovery, protect the VMware Aria Automation components and related services.


Disaster-recovery scenarios are not supported by VMware Aria Automation 8.0.0, and performing the disaster-recovery procedure might result in a non-functional VMware Aria Automation environment. Upgrade to VMware Aria Automation 8.0.1 or later.


Changing the DNS names for the VMware Aria Automation virtual appliance nodes is not supported. Changing the IP Address is supported from version 8.5.1 or later.

Support Matrix

For information about supported and tested versions of vCenter Server, Site Recovery Manager, VMware Aria Automation, Identity Manager, VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager, and VMware Aria Orchestrator, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices