This section lists the new features, issues resolved and known issues in AKO Version 1.12.x.

What's New in 1.12.1

Issues Resolved in AKO 1.12.1

  • AKO allows VIP to be IPV6 for LoadBalancer type services.

  • Static routes are not added due to an error: Field check for static_routes failed: Unique constraints route_id has duplicated value when calico CNI allocates multiple block-affinities for a node and that may result in AKO crash.

  • Failure in creating virtual service, pool group and other pools if the name of one of the pool attached to the pool group, exceeds the maximum Avi Controller name length limit.

Key Changes in AKO 1.12.1

  • L4 CRD can be applied to LoadBalancer type service present in different namespace.

  • AKO shows all IPV4 and IPV6 addresses associated with VirtualService as part of Ingress, LoadBalancer status.

  • AKO updates Route's Status: Reason field with vsuuid and controller uuid.

Known Issue in AKO 1.12.1

  • L4 Rule CRD, with enableSSL: true in listener properties, will not be applied to L4 Virtual Service if the Avi Controller license is of type Enterprise with Cloud Service.