Navigate to General tab to specify the generic details.

You can specify the following details:

Name: Specify the name of the Service Engine Group.

Cloud: The system displays the name of the selected cloud.

Enable Real-Time Metrics: There are several metrics, such as End to End Timing, Throughput, Requests, and more. The Avi Load Balancer Controller updates these metrics periodically, either at a default interval of five minutes. Select Enable Real-Time Metrics to gather detailed metrics aggressively for a limited period, as required. This will cause SEs in the group to upload SE-related metrics to the Controller once every five seconds, as opposed to once per five minutes or longer.

Duration: Specify the real time metrics collection duration in minutes. A value of 0 is interpreted to mean “forever.”

  • Enter zero to collect metrics aggressive to indefinite periods of time.

  • Specify a value, for instance, 30 min to collect real time metrics for the defined 30 minutes. After this period of time elapses, the metrics collection reverts to slower polling. Real time metrics is helpful when troubleshooting.

Enable Per-app Service Engine Mode: Select this box to deploy dedicated load balancers per application, that is, per virtual service. In this mode, each SE is limited to a maximum of two virtual services. vCPUs in per-app SEs count towards licensing at 25% rate

Service Engine Bandwidth Type: Select the service engine bandwidth for the bandwidth license from the drop-down menu. You can select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:

  • SE Bandwidth 25 Mbps

  • SE Bandwidth 200 Mbps

  • SE Bandwidth Unlimited

This field is deactivated when Enable Per-app Service Engine Mode is enabled.