Ensure the following pre-requisites are configured:

  • The Service Engine HA Mode should be Legacy (Active/Standby).

  • The NSX-T user for configuring NSX-T cloud should have additional permissions of Netx Partner Admin and Security Admin for the preserve client IP functionality apart from the Network Admin requirement for other use cases (See Configuring NSX-T Roles for more details).

  • Set URPF Mode to None for the VIP data segments in which the preserve client IP feature will be enabled.


If uRPF Mode is not set to None, then an event with error will be generated, though the status of the virtual service is up, as shown below:

  • Ensure that Virtual Services (for which Preserve Client IP is configured) have Pools defined using NSX Network Security Groups. The Network Security Group will be configured as the Source match in the redirect rule. This ensures consistency between the redirect rule in NSX and the Pool membership in Avi Load Balancer. It is not supported to use IP addresses, ranges, IP Groups or DNS names for these Pools.