VMware Bare Metal Automation for VMware Telco Cloud Platform (VMware BMA) is a bare metal provisioning tool to the point of OS installation - bootstrapping the server and installing the necessary software and firmware for VMware Telco Cloud Automation to start its infrastructure and CaaS automation processes. VMware BMA automates the BIOS configuration, firmware upgrades, provisions disk arrays, builds ISO images, installs the operating system (ESXi), configures network interfaces, gathers hardware information, assigns hostnames and connects storage. For VMware Telco Cloud Platform users, VMware BMA provides an end-to-end network automation from initial zero-touch provisioning to supporting network services and network slices.

The Architecture guide describes the structure and configuration of VMware BMA cloud-native deployment.

The guide also provides information about high-level application overview, high-level platform, remote workers, microservices, connections, port requirements, and deployment profiles.

For software requirements, installation, and usage, refer to the individual product documentation on docs.vmware.com.