You can configure the output of system logs from different parts of the VMware BMA system to a custom location.

You must configure the syslog destination to create a profile and establish a connection with the custom location. The logs are sent to this location.


  1. Click Admin > System Configuration > Syslog Destination.
  2. Enter the following details.
    Parameter Description


    Select the type of protocol used for the configuration from the drop-down menu. The available options are UDP,TCP, and TLS

    Note: If you select TLS, certificate is required. You can click Ignore certificate only for TLS.


    Select the type of facility used for the configuration.

    The default option is SYSLOG.

    Message format

    Enter the format of the message used in the configuration.

    RFC_3164 is set by default.

    App name

    The name of the application.

    Sender The name or address of the sender.
    Destination/IP The IP address of the output destination.
    Port The port number of the output destination.
  3. Click Save.