The Automation Center is an innovative two-part module that allows you to organize and execute your workflows from a unique dashboard.

Unlike the Workflow Editor, it’s more focused around using and running workflows rather than creating, building and editing them. The integrated AC dashboard is intended for manual execution, complete with access control.

The basic structure of the Automation Center relies on panels and tiles. Panels can be considered containers for customized cards called tiles. These tiles allow you to execute workflows from the AC dashboard rather than running them through the Editor.

Full RBAC control grants you not only execute rights but also the ability to add, edit, remove and change images, names and descriptions for both panels and tiles.

Keep in mind that unlike regular workflows,tiled flows are considered active and are counted towards your license.

You can check relevant limitations for your account in System Status and About VMware BMA.

By default, whenever you access the AC module, you’ll be presented with a list of your existing panels.

These containters don’t do much by themselves, but are ultimately put to purpose as soon as you add tiles inside.

On the main page, you can locate specific panels by typing their name or description, using the search bar found at the top.

Instead of hiding the results you don’t need, the page will simply highlight the one(s) you are looking for.

You can share Panels. Multiple users can access and work on the same panel.