With the VMware Blockchain Orchestrator appliance, you can deploy VMware Blockchain nodes on your on-premises vSphere environment.

VMware Blockchain Orchestrator provides schema files that include the definitions of all the available properties that you can manually configure to deploy VMware Blockchain nodes. You must create the infrastructure and deployment descriptor files. The infrastructure descriptor file includes definitions such as vSphere and networking configuration information. The deployment descriptor file includes definitions such as the number of Replica and Client node IP addresses, type of blockchain. Set the actual parameter values applicable to your deployment in these files. The VMware Blockchain Orchestrator uses the values in the descriptor files to provision the VMware Blockchain nodes.

In the deployment schema, you must designate a consortium name and deploy Replica and Client nodes. You can also deploy Full Copy Clients. A consortium provides a public ledger and operates under group governance instead of an entity. The consortium supports organizational collaboration and security against the existence of rogue actors.

The VMware Blockchain Orchestrator provides the framework to deploy the Replica, read-only Replica, and Client nodes securely.

As a preemptive measure to avoid errors during a transaction, validate the status of the following core components.

  • Replica nodes

  • Client nodes

If you deployed Full Copy Clients, then validate that these nodes are working properly.